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Water the living spring

Water is termed to be man’s compatriot. It supplements the oxygen we breath to keep us alive. However water is another essential element of life that works with the air in the healing processes. Naturally, spiritually and metaphysically, water is … Continue reading

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Herb for runny Nose/Allergy/cold

Stop wasting your money, think natural and think traditionally. The world was created and all the living things were created. God gave command to humans to dominate all other lower beings and plants and all creatures. He gave us wisdom to … Continue reading

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Natural healing

There are many ways to get healed naturally. Unfortunately most of the Herbs that are used in the process have no biological names and those that have biological names are acquired newly and unpopular. Fortunately with the growing need for … Continue reading

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Welcome to our health and Wellness blogSite!

“Our problem is not what we eat, it is HOW we eat it “ This Blog Site is dedicated to information about natural healing or medical alternatives. Primarily we are going to discuss about herbal healing methods as a better and … Continue reading

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