Water the living spring

Water is termed to be man’s compatriot. It supplements the oxygen we breath to keep us alive. However water is another essential element of life that works with the air in the healing processes.
Naturally, spiritually and metaphysically, water is used for cleansing. Many people do things without knowing what they do but one of my main purpose of this health blog is to open the eyes of everyone and expose the hidden facts.
In the Bible Pilate watched his hands as a cleansing to not being part of bloodshed of Jesus the Christ. The Muslims wash before they pray as sign of cleansing, some Christian sects also practice cleansing of the facial body parts as sign of cleansing.
If you want to learn more about how to cleanse yourself and be ready for healing processes that involves water and air contact us or subscribe to out Newsletter.

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1 Response to Water the living spring

  1. enehnwakego says:

    i need to know more about natural herbs that heal so many diseases.

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