Natural healing

There are many ways to get healed naturally. Unfortunately most of the Herbs that are used in the process have no biological names and those that have biological names are acquired newly and unpopular. Fortunately with the growing need for traditional medicine Biologists are working relentlessly to giving every Herb a name to be worldly recognized or known.

In this topic I am going to discuss a simple technique to getting rid of Headache with a simple nut that is commonly chewed by people in some part of Africa. When you have headache you must understand that headache is caused by the followings:

–                     hunger

–                     Tiredness

–                     Stress

–                     Lack of sleep

–                     Migraine = complications from the simple causes

The natural approach in the right direction is to find out which of the followings applies to you. If your headache is as a result of lack of sleep simply go and sleep. In a situation where you cannot sleep due to engaging on something important, purchase Kola nut and chew. Kola nut has two functions. One is to keep you awake so you won’t sleep. The other work is to strengthen you nerves and brain, keeps you alert and makes your brain fresh with the help of its active component – “natural Nicotine”.              

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  1. Rod says:

    These are great articles I love how you describe the easy it is to lose some weight, thanks.

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