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“Our problem is not what we eat, it is HOW we eat it “

This Blog Site is dedicated to information about natural healing or medical alternatives. Primarily we are going to discuss about herbal healing methods as a better and cheaper means of curing ourselves or preventing illnesses. We will also discuss other methods that people use to heal such as metaphysical means. I would like everyone to remember that the Bible said “give Caesar what belongs to Caesar and God what belongs to him”. With the quotation from the Bible as a reference, every sickness deserves its right approach as a preventive or curative measure. 

Discussion # 1

Bitter Kola -Natural AntiBiotic

Stop wasting your money, think natural and think traditional. The world was created and all the living things were created. God commanded humans to dominate all  all creatures and plants. He gave us wisdom to descern useful  and dangerous elements. He also gave us liberty and natural freedom to choose. All existing laws which we are forced to abide by are laws made by man. Herbalists are scientist that nature gave knowledge to discover herbs that can heal us when we get sick. Herbs are part of shrubs, trees and grasses we mash, cut or even burn as bushes. Fortunately many of the plants have been distinguished as herbs. A typical example is the Bitter Kola. This nut grows on a big tree and as the name implies it is really BITTER when chewed. However it is medicinal – antibiotic and it cures allergy symptoms, runny noses, colds, sore throats and more. If you want to know more about the Bitter Kola go to my hub at:  

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5 Responses to Welcome to our health and Wellness blogSite!

  1. Louis says:

    Thanks for the information. I think this blog will be very useful to people like me who love to do things in the most natural form. My friend tried the Bitter Kola after reading your Hubpages and the comments. However I am still to explore the source of buying the item to try out myself. Where can I buy Bitter Kola in the United States?

  2. Scruz Loius says:

    I have an african friend and whenever he feels sick he chews this bitter Kola and what he calls Alligator pepper. Something spicy and very hot. has this stuff any side effects? I waould like to eat some.

  3. emeka says:

    For me, bitter kola has been an instant remedy for stubborn coughs-not the TB type. It has worked time and again and it is the next line of action when the doctor is not around.

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